Microsoft Word 2010 Beginner

Microsoft Word 2010 Beginner

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing Software. This is a Beginner course of Microsoft Word 2010 covering the topics Starting of Word, Saving, Spelling and Grammar, Printing, Indents and Tabs, Lists, Break etc. This Microsoft word tutorial will be a right start for a beginner for entering data into word and know the basic functions of Microsoft Word. This course allows you to create all different types of documents. 

After learning Microsoft Word 2010 Beginner Course, you will understand and do Getting started with Word, Text Basics, Saving, Page Layout, Spelling and Grammar, Printing, Indent and Tabs, Line and Paragraph Spacing, Lists, Breaks and Columns.
If you are new to word processing, then you can learn Microsoft Word 2010 Beginner. Everyone Who likes to Improve their Skills and more Productive at Work can choose this course and who wants to Learn Interesting tips & tricks can choose this course

SecSection 1: Getting Started with Word
Lesson Objectives Introduction The Ribbon Backstage view The Quick Access toolbar and Ruler Creating and opening documents Compatibility mode Convert a document Exam
Section 2: Text Basics
Lesson Objectives Introduction Insert, Delete and Select Text Format Font Size, Style and Color Use the Bold, Italic, and Underline commands Other font commands To change text alignment Text boxes Moving Text Exam
Section 3: Saving
Lesson Objectives Introduction To use the Save As and Save command Auto Recover Other file formats Exam
Section 4: Modifying Page Layout
Lesson Objectives Introduction To change Page Orientation and Page Size To Set Page Margins and Open Page Setup Dialogue Box Exam
Section 5: Checking Spelling and Grammar
Lesson Objectives Introduction Run a spelling and grammar check Ignoring "errors" Automatic spelling and grammar checking To hide spelling and grammar errors in a document Exam
Section 6: Printing Lesson Objectives Introduction Print Quick Print Exam
Section 7: Indents and Tabs Lesson Objectives Introduction Indenting text Tabs Exam
Section 8: Line and Paragraph SpacingLesson Objectives Introduction Line Spacing Paragraph spacing Exam
Section 9: Working with Lists Lesson Objectives Introduction Create a list Bullet

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